5 Class Flex Pass

Coastal Melodies Teachers
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Mon - Fri, TBA
07/01/19 - 08/02/19 (5 weeks)


A flexible program offering five classes of your choice during the summer session. You choose what works best for you! Want to come to class for five days in one week? Great! Twice in one week and three times in another? That works too! You can also choose to come once a week for five weeks like our "regular" class schedule, it's up to you. Simply purchase this package and we will send you detailed instructions as to how you can reserve spaces in the summer classes of your choice.  

Upcoming Meetings
07/22/19    TBA Monday 07/22/19 TBA
07/23/19    TBA Tuesday 07/23/19 TBA
07/24/19    TBA Wednesday 07/24/19 TBA
07/25/19    TBA Thursday 07/25/19 TBA
07/26/19    TBA Friday 07/26/19 TBA
07/29/19    TBA Monday 07/29/19 TBA
07/30/19    TBA Tuesday 07/30/19 TBA
07/31/19    TBA Wednesday 07/31/19 TBA
08/01/19    TBA Thursday 08/01/19 TBA
08/02/19    TBA Friday 08/02/19 TBA