BABIES Summer Class (0-8 months)

Amanda Munice
JB Couture Cupcakes (location info)
Thursday, 12:30 PM - 1:15 PM
07/11/19 - 08/15/19 (6 weeks)


The Music Together® Babies class is for families with infants who are under eight months of age at the time of registration. This is a perfect introduction to Music Together and to early childhood music development. After this short summer semester, your family may choose to enroll in either our 10 week Babies class or a mixed-age class.

The music activities in our Babies class are specifically designed to teach parents how to support music development in infancy and how to connect with their infants through music, using concepts like “purposeful touch,” “sound layering,” and “dancing for baby.” You will meet other parents of newborns and learn some fascinating musical activities that you can recreate with your baby at home.

Upcoming Meetings
07/11/19    12:30 PM Thursday 07/11/19 12:30 PM
07/18/19    12:30 PM Thursday 07/18/19 12:30 PM
07/25/19    12:30 PM Thursday 07/25/19 12:30 PM
08/01/19    12:30 PM Thursday 08/01/19 12:30 PM
08/08/19    12:30 PM Thursday 08/08/19 12:30 PM
08/15/19    12:30 PM Thursday 08/15/19 12:30 PM