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Music Together Coastal Melodies (formerly Manda's Music Together®) has been receiving some wonderful feedback from our families. We love sharing our joy and appreciation of music with all of our students and the grownups who love them. We are honored that some of our families have chosen to share their thoughts with us in writing here. This page is new and still growing so there will be more messages added soon!

Have you had a great experience in our classes? If so, we would love it if you would take a minute to tell us! If you would be open to us sharing your feedback with other families too, please either email us at info@MandasMusic.com or CLICK HERE to leave us a review on our Facebook page. We would be honored to share your experience with others by posting it on this page. Thanks for helping to spread the word about Music Together Coastal Melodies! We look forward to seeing you soon!

My 2 year old daughter loves Manda's Music! As she gets to know the songs through the repetition week after week and hearing it on CD in the car, she has become a more vocal participant. She loves to sing and play the unique instruments, especially the big drums. It's a great time for my daughter and I to enjoy some fun one-on-one time away from the challenges of home. Seeing her smiles and laughter first-hand really make the class worthwhile for us. Miss Amanda is positive, fun and sincere. Looking forward to our 3rd session in the new year.

Janice Xenakis

I was introduced to Manda's Music Together through a free preview class. My 1 year old daughter Morgan loved it!! Miss Amanda is truly passionate about what she does! I just love getting in the car and putting the CD on and seeing Morgan start clapping and dancing in her car seat. She loves tapping the beat out on her knees. One of her favorite parts of class is when the instruments come out and she can move to her own beat! Thank you Miss Amanda for providing me with the opportunity to have this amazing bonding time with my little girl!!

Michelle Hintenach

Hi Amanda, I just wanted to write and say how much we enjoyed the music class this winter - you do such a nice job! Parker and Brady both really enjoyed it. It was great to have a class that both a toddler and a baby could participate in - it was something really nice for the three of us to do together. Parker loved all the different instruments and I think Brady had fun just listening and looking around at everyone. Thanks again and we look forward to seeing you again soon!

Sarah O'Rourke

We love Amanda's Music Together class! It is the perfect way to teach the basics of music to children while having fun doing it! Amanda is a great teacher--she knows just how to engage the children.

Kari Martin

I can't say enough. Our son has been taking Manda's Music classes since he was a few weeks old. He not only hugely enjoys his weekly music classes, but the songs can be heard throughout the week in our house, car, etc. Even Dad gets into the singing and movements. The rhythms and chants are easy enough to allow even a parent who's not musically inclined to encourage a love of music in their children.

Amy Woerner

We absolutely love our Music Together classes with Amanda! Daniel loves all of the instruments and seems to be a natural drummer. And the CD can be quite a sanity saver in the car.

Becky Morrow