Scholarships Fund and Tuition Assistance

Scholarship Fund: 

Helping families share the joy of Music Together is one of the ways that Music Together Coastal Melodies can give back to our community. Through our scholarship fund, we are able to offer financial aid to families who may not be able to afford the full cost of our program.

Please contact Amanda Munice at (732) 859-5974 if you would like to make a donation to the program.

Scholarships may be applied directly or on another family's behalf. All scholarships will be awarded at the discretion of our scholarship board as funds are available.

Tuition Assistance:

Requesting a scholarship for tuition assistance is simple. No specific financial information will be requested as it is expected that applicants for scholarships truly need the asssistance. We do ask that you email us and tell us about yourself or the family for whom you are requesting assistance. All submissions will be reviewed by our scholarship board and will remain anonymous. 

Please send an email to our Center Director at with your answers to the following questions: What is your own background with music? How many children would you like to bring to class? Do you have any flexibility about which class you can enroll in? What are the circumstances of your request for tuition assistance at this time? What is the amount that you feel you can pay at this time?

Music Together Coastal Melodies will make every effort to award scholarships to families that apply; however, this may not always be fiscally possible depending on the funds available.